How to become an escort?

Become an escort.

Even the escort job, requires a good dose of professionalism and take into account a number of rules (often unwritten) that enable the professional to be successful in his work.

Become an escort

In this post, we will try to describe the escort activities and highlight what are the guidelines for becoming a successful escort.

Becoming a successful call girl. How to do.

An escort, it is above all a professional in managing relationships and relationships with other people (particularly men).

Who believes, sometimes simplifying that the escort is only a woman who sleeps with men, he did not understand a lot about how works this profession and how we need to work to achieve success.

First of all, doing sex with customer, represents only a part of the work that the escort does and in some cases, even this is a limited aspect (species, for some clients).

The ability to entertain a client, to be with him in various situations, to communicate and to talk and to be able to attend in many places and contexts, is part of the basic functions of an escort.

How to become an escort. Find customers.

Like any professional, even the escort, has to find in the beginning of its activities a number of customers to enable it to achieve a good turnover.

At the beginning (but also during the next phase of his work), the escort must advertise its activities.

Today, even the marketing channels for this profession, are all online.

The most used advertising is that which provides the publishing of ads on the escort sites frequented by potential customers that want call girls.

The ads by ad sites under: dating, friendships, girlfriend, etc., Are another promotional channel where you can meet clients and often, the publication of these ads is completely free.

In recent years, Facebook and Instagram have been used by many escorts forever finding more customers among the social networks goers.

Even word of mouth (especially from the satisfied customers) is a good way to find new customers, especially among those willing to pay very well.

Another important factor of this profession, is to know how to retain the best customers over the years to ensure a good and lasting business.