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Live Sex Cam: Show us the Money Honey

Models that are happy to perform naked online, as web cam models, do often get paid fairly well for their work, but they are also often expected to perform according to their clients wishes.

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Some websites will pay more than others, if the model is working full-time then depending on the website and what their clients are paying, they may make $200-$500 per day for a 40 hour working week.

Not bad money in this day and age, especially for young women who may find it hard to get by in those more traditional job roles.

Looking for a lengthy session? Often live sex cam shows will last for just a quick two minute masturbation session. At other times they may go on for as long as an hour, with a long online chat with the performer.

This is however all tiring for the performers in the show, it is not easy work. The performer is often under immense pressure to be the fantasy person that the site visitor is looking for. Everyone is different and has differing likes and dislikes online too.

The models working as web cam models want to please their clients, who are paying them, and will often go the extra mile to do so.  So if you are interested in making this type of career be prepared and enjoy.